For two weeks now, activists from feminist direct action group Sisters Uncut have been occupying an empty council home in Hackney, East London, to highlight the lack of support for survivors of domestic violence. Photographer Jade Jackman spent 24 hours in the occupation, meeting the campaigners putting themselves on the front line.

There's a sense of euphoria that comes from cycling down an open road that is impossible to put into words. Artist Steve Léon Brown found this out for himself in Iceland, where he spent 31 days and nights in the enchanting mountainous countryside, capturing the journey on a point and shoot camera.

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Barbara Hepworth - Discs of Eshelon, version 2

Once in a lifetime chance to see David Shrigley, Bridget Riley and Da Vinci side by side as Margate’s Turner Contemporary explores the central role of the circle in art. Until 25 September.

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From The Greaseball to The Swan, a visual guide to how to consume your Holy Za.


Sit on Trump’s foul face and raise money for charity, with a Mr. Bingo designed woopie cushion. All proceeds donated to Greenpeace, International Medical Corps, and Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. 


Philly Zine Fest – the longest running festival of self publication in Philadelphia – will be exhibiting the largest zine library in the area. It’s a chance for fellow zinesters to swap magazines, contacts and have a chat with one another. August 28.